Drawing tutorial practice

by Marie, May 22nd 2020 © 2020 Marie

Hello! This is my practice from the first tutorial. First time doing this in a while :


Nice, I really like these! It's clear that there's an underlying familiarity and mastery that you're quickly learning to pick up again.

Of your sketches here, I am more impressed by your drawings that focus on the shapes indicating torso structure, rather than the "rendered" and line-heavy drawings. Draw to learn the dimensionality of the human body; developing this fundamental skill will uplift your renders in every way.

From the lines I see in your art, I might guess that you're drawing on too small a canvas or sheet of paper. Experiment with the size at which you practice figure drawing. It's important to draw using the whole arm, not just from the elbow or the wrist.

I am about at the same stage as you, so take this peer's advice with a grain of salt :)

Keep up the great work.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate your advice on this piece too! I definitely feel like I need to do more "fast" gesture drawings too, and thank you for being really encouraging too. You're great at writing feedback! The level of detail you go into is perfect and I really understand what you're telling me :)

Polyvios Animations

Fantastic job, mariearroyo, yet I've one smaller suggestion: Why don't you go for yet some 1 more minute of 30 second sketches of figure studies, if you pretty, pretty please?? Why??? As a result, your body gestures will become more bolder and most powerful. Entreat for your really, very great satisfaction.

Yours Truly.