2 Hour Class

by Soft Circles, May 31st 2020 © 2020 Soft Circles

Done as part of a 2 hour class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

Polyvios Animations

Most nicest and superior job, soft_circles, But so however, I've got most all smallest, littlest request: Why don't you ease yourself most extremely well as you can, with your first ever 30 minute class mode of figure drawings, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty pleeeeeeease???????? Do you wanna know this mystery?????????? It's because it'll beat up your stress, and let you roll with the punches, plus go with the flow with your relationships on your figures. Hope and pray that it'll help and sustain you out even as always.

You Know Who.


I'd say that for your goal of improving your perception of proportion, you're doing pretty well. I like how flowy the lines of your shorter drawings are, and it'd be nice to see that flowiness in the longer drawings.

Soft Circles

Thanks for the feedback!


Color me impressed.

Honestly really good stuff. You have pretty good proportions, and really clean gestures.

Good job! Keep it up!

Soft Circles

Thank you!! :3


Of course!

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