10M Figure drawing

by Elli, June 1st 2020 © 2020 Elli

This is another piecce I did today, with more construction than shading. Critiques are encouraged please! I want to develop for myportfolio in December :)

Polyvios Animations

You did an admirable job, elliraeth, yet I've got one little request: Nice construction and subtle and nuanced gestures, why don't you do loosening up your memory in 2 minute sketch, pretty, pretty please?? And do YOU know WHY??? It's so that your gestures and feeling will become even more stonger than in real life. Hope that it'll be pivotal, and essential.

Polyvios Animations

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The proportions in this are nearly there! Aside from that, it's looking good! Keep up the great work!


As Polyvios Animations said, I would also encourage you to loosen up with quick sketches to allow your lines to flow more freely! I see that you are thinking much about lines and angles in comparison to one another, keep up the good work!! I would also suggest that you could take a closer look at light and shadows. Good luck!!


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