10min 9/6/2018

by Kim, September 10th 2018 © 2018 Kim

10 minutes, graphite, 9/6/2018

I stopped drawing completely for 3 years to focus on learning to program and learning to dance. I'm finally picking up my pencil again and relearning what I lost :) this is my first real sketch in all of that time.

It's obvious to me I've got a lot more practice ahead of me!


Start with a basic line of action and try using basic shapes to compose the body.

Kim - Site admin

Thanks, that's definitely how I start. :)


Hey Kim, for giving up drawing 3 years I have to say that I can still see the form of the figure peeking out from under a bit of rust :). It looks like your proportions are out of whack just a bit, were the legs foreshortened in the image? I usually do this thing where I make limbs coming toward me - longer and not coming toward me. Is the reference a ballerina child? I have severe issues drawing children myself.

Kim - Site admin

Thanks! No, the reference was that woman draping herself off the edge of the couch and holding up a pearl necklace. She is a bit foreshortened, mostly in the way her torso is leaning away. I'm glad any kind of figure is still visible!


Ah I see, well I can see you construct and use your lineweights to separate forms which is great. We all have different processes but when I draw longer poses I usually tend to get general proportions down, stop and check them and then build more ontop of them. I struggle thinking during drawing which usually makes me screw the proportions anyway but it's what I try to keep consistent. x)

Kim - Site admin

I'll give that a shot in my next go-round! I'm not even sure what my process is anymore these days, I need to re-try things and discovered what works for me now.