by Terminusumbra, June 15th 2020 © 2020 Terminusumbra

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 2 minutes in length.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form


Hello !

This is great ! To improve it you can try to be more dynamic. I can see that you do a lot of little pencil strokes, it's due to the hesitation and it's normal. Force yourself to do quick long lines, it can only helps you build confidence and muscle memory.

Maybe try to do 30s exercices. It can seem really hard but you will have no time for hesitation. And don't focus on making nice drawings when you do those, it's going to be ugly and it's normal :)

Salmon Dump

I like how you've managed to capture some movement in this pose! Intentional or not, I find it very interesting!

A few things you may want to consider: the abdominal area looks a little stiff, you can loosen up these areas by doing long, quick strokes with your brush. Utilizing longer strokes will help reduce noisey lines in your sketch and will also help you better identify the line of action.

When going into your next figure study, I suggest starting each pose by finding the overall curve that defines the figure!

Hope this helps!


i may be able to nail this

Vicky 453


Your drawing does capture the posure very well. i see u do lots of lines in your work which makes it look scratchy. try adding a single stroke, dont hesitate about ruining the drawing because its just a scetch!:)

2 1

i think it is supposed to be scratchy

Art Wolf 24

I love the dramatic pose, it is a bit messy, but that's fine. You're doing a great job!

Celia Xin

That is very good!
But I see I couple things that you could improve, for example the dynamism in your lines you could make them more precise and faster and also. The arm is too long for the figure. Don't mean to offend you, it's constructive criticism!😉😉

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