by athoughtbytim, July 14th 2020 © 2020 athoughtbytim


Done as part of a practice session with poses of 2 minutes in length.


I love your loose approach to drawing hands - wish I could incorporate some more of that in my drawing, as I'm a bit stiff. This is definitely something great to keep up for the future!! Also, good job on capturing the movements in 2 minute poses, you really have potential.

However, how come you've used a ballpoint pen? Not that it's wrong, just interested by your choice and what motivated it. it's usually less easy to draw smoothly and loosely with ballpoint rather than pencil - so unless you also use pencil, charcoal, etc, on top of using ballpoint too in your other studies I'd suggest you try and implement pencil technique, it would help with the results I think. having them look a bit less rough, and since you have a great potential for having a loose result and ways of putting anatomy on paper - it seems to me!- you'd have no problem using pencil, too. It's great that you seem to be able to grasp quite fast what the intent is in the pose, definitely keep up with that too.

Can't wait to see more of your stuff! keep it up really!! and remember that smoother, simpler style comes after more managing more difficult/detailed styles, at least from my own experience. You have a lot of potential.


Just to inform, I am by no means a professional, I'm also here to inprove my skills, but I think it's important that we give each other feedback to see the possible mistakes and learn from them. Semms like your style is a bit cartoon-ish, which is totally fine! I actually really like it. I appreciate that you straight up draw with pen, it means you are confident in what you're drawing. I really like the hand with the sleeve near the lower right corner (my personal favourite), then the two joined hand on the left and the hand gripping a handle in the upper left corner. Something that bothers me a bit is the thumb of the hand in the lower left corner in a half-grip, the fingers of this hand in general seem kind of boneless. Same thumb-problem appers on the hand in the lower right corner, but I understand that foreshortening and perspective are difficult to master :). Keep practicing, you are on a good way!


Thanks for the feedback all!

I just can't stand a pencil. My whole life I've been addicted to pen. The permanence is real. I also write poetry in the same way.

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