Cat, I'm a kitty cat

by Sanne, July 15th 2020 © 2020 Sanne

What's up LoA? :)

I've been out of the drawing game for a while. I sat in on a live figure drawing session some time ago, but had a difficult time getting myself to draw much at all. Recently found out I had an undiagnosed condition and am now properly medicated, giving me my capacity back, and one of my really big goals is to consistently draw something a couple of times a week.

I want to start slow and just spend time on drawing something that's fun, and eventually move to doing full classes starting with quick gestures and open myself up to critique.

But, for now - just enjoy a kitty cat and my first drawing while properly medicated! Hurray!

Polyvios Animations

That's a more gorgeous cat drawing I've seen so far, Sanne.