I'd like to be a drawer

by Evikey, August 20th 2020 © 2020 Evikey

Hey guys !

I'm on this website to improve my drawings, my fluidity, the rythmic of my characters. I want to actually "work" on my drawings in order to improve technique and skills, instead of drawing instictively for fun :)

I'm open to any constructive critique, please be honest !

Tx Williep

Your drawing is very, very good. I see no problem with it. Drawing instinctively is not bad, your drawing of the young lady is proof. I do not have any other examples of your work to go on. If you want to expand your repertory, I would recommend you do a study of human anatomy - muscles & bone structures. Make drawings of what you find. The internet has much in the way of information on these subjects. You need to expand to full figures.

If I am drawing a figure, I start off with a stick figure (the head & the shoulders). Look for relationships, i.e., what lines up with what. Maybe the chin, the knee, and something else line up. Get all your relationships squared away. You can then go back and flesh out the figure. From your study of anatomy, you should know what goes where. The light source will hopefully set up shadows that will help you shade the muscles, etc. Line-of-Action had many photos you can use to practice. Practice is the key. With practice you will get better. I don't want you to lose what you have.

Mike Ok

Pretty lines and shading. Almost to perfect. i wonder if the background shaded on the front side of her body would look more realistic.


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