08.26.20 - 25 minutes

by Allyson Tan, August 27th 2020 © 2020 Allyson Tan

25-minute study using Line of Action Practice Tool (part of 1-hour class mode)

Michael King


I'm just starting out myself, but I really like the shading you used on the legs and torso, they definitely bring a sense of 3-dimensionality to the drawing. My suggestion would be to consider the shadows under the body and to not make them so hard, it's hard to see the outline of the legs and torso, or maybe to reinforce those outlines a little more. Other than that, great job!


I really think your use of shading was amazing and gave the drawing depth, and also at made it very interesting to look at because of your use of red ink

Tx Williep

You are coming along nicely. The legs show nice foreshortening. The feet could stand a bit more work (toes). I do not know the original figure, but the arms look a little short. Overall, the body is a good representation of a husky male body.

As I said, you are coming along nicely. Let us have more.


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