5 minute

by Charlyse, September 6th 2020 © 2020 Charlyse

working on grounding the pose.

Tx Williep

This drawing & the other one are good. It appears to be standing on solid ground. The proportions are ok. You need to work on hands, feet, and heads. Luckily for you, Line-of-Action has sections on the subject. You need to add a study of human anatomy - muscles & bone structure. Knowledge of these areas will aid you in shading your figures.

One thing you should remember: Practice makes better. So get busy.


I really like this! There's great character in the shading you've applied. The only thing I would add is to watch the left leg. Without seeing the reference I can't be sure, but based on the position of the hips the left foot is being held out to the side - if so, then the ankle needs to be level with or below the ankle of the right foot and the rest of the left foot extending further down than that. If the left foot is supposed to be behind the figure (and therefore the toes in line with the right ankle), then I think the left calf will need to be rotated more so that we see more of the front of it.

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