by Jpmllr89, September 14th 2020 © 2020 Jpmllr89
Tx Williep

Nice back view from above. Feet need some work. The back is a little off. I am not sure what the mark is across the back. Overall the figure looks OK. What you need to do is do more because practice makes better. When you do we can check those.


The back is definitely off and I realized that after the exercise, the lumbar area should be shortened with the shoulder muscle overlapping the buttocks to give a more turned look (idk if that makes sense?)


Great perspective! Looks like you really worked to get those cool proprtions that make us feel like we are looking down at the figure!.

I would just practice drawing bigger with confident strokes on some of those sketchy lines. A good tip I got was to loosen my grip on the pen. I also do draw over studies with this confidient line in mind drawing through the refrence instead of tracing every bump. Its helped my line confidince and proportions a ton! Hope this helps. Great work!

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