Figure 1

by Cupcake Tofu, September 15th 2020 © 2020 Cupcake Tofu

10 min figure drawing. more close up

Tx Williep

Getting better. Let's have more. I can attest that practice does make your efforts better. I keep my drawings in 100 pg notebooks (9 in x 12 in). I date each drawing so I know when I did them and can compare them. I am up to volume 30 (175 average drawings in each). If I go back to volume 1 and compare those drawings to current drawings, there is a big, positive improvement in the newer works. Practice does make better.

Halan Lore

I quite like this. It's definitely a practice piece but you really look like you had fun rendering the shading on the body and the lines are really neat. For 10 minutes it's pretty darn good. The only thing that seems strange about it are the porportions on the leg that's on top. The thigh feels really big for how small the calf is. Honestly keep up the good practice.

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