2-Hour Pose

by Amandah, September 16th 2020 © 2020 Amandah

A 2-hour pose (might have been longer than that - I didn't set a timer) with some basic rendering using hatching/blocking. Had trouble with the hands, so next I'll be doing some hand studies. Any tips/tricks you fabulous sketchers have for plotting hands accurately (particulary for drawing hands viewed at a distance) would be especially appreciated!

Tx Williep

Hands look just fine to me. The whole figure looks just fine. If you want a timer, they cost under $10. To draw hands with fingers every which way, here is what I would do. Normally, there are 4 fingers on the hand plus the thumb. Each finger is composed of 3 joints that bend. The thumb is also composed of 3 joints but the third one is not seen, it is below the skin of the palm. Start off by using stick figures for the fingers. Set the stick fingers up as you need to in the arrangement you need. Once you have them set, you can go back and add skin to the fingers. Close or far away, it works.

To look at examples of shading, I recommend my figures: # 17, 23, 26, 29


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