Hand on the tiller

by Captjackhaddock, September 19th 2020 © 2020 Captjackhaddock

Study of drapery, foreshortening, and a hand


Wow, really nice drawing, love the line quality and the overall feeling from this picture. The hand is really good, and the proportions seem quite nice. With a closer look, I don't fully understand the lighting on the jacket, the shadows don't always seem consistent to me. Maybe the hand can also do with some shading?

Tx Williep

Strong drawing. You need to look up how to handle folds in clothing. Check the internet. Depending on what the clothing is will make a difference on how you will handle it. Also, check you statues & paintings that have drapery. See how these artists handle it. Do more practice.


This is one of those not-as-easy-as-it-looks practices, I think. ;) Looks like the hand and (object looks like a pocket knife?) are coming along and some shadowed areas grounding it. One thing that's helped me with fabric draping is to think of it in chunks. For instance, which lines look really cool to me, that I want to draw attention to (no pun intended)? Then not to add TOO many of the other lines because it may detract from the 'important' lines. But it also can be a personal style choice;that's how I approach it. :)


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