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More feet and hands, more shading.


I like the rendering of the feet, in particular. The shading is very convincing, the toes are well rendered and three dimensional. The use of line is expressive and emotive. The hands are very expressive. I get a good sense of the emotion of the model.

The hips are well situated and give a convincing feeling that the body is seated on the ground.

I'd like to see this expressiveness carried through to the shoulders and arms. Try varying the lines (thick, thin, bold, delicate, curvy, undulating, etc) and use a more delicate hand in the shading, as with the feet. I'd like to see more range in the shading with a more even gradation between values to really get a sense of the weight of the figure.

Overall, well done!


Excellent advice, thank you! You are right about the shading, I need to either do it with more care or not at all. For a while I was just doing contour drawings with pen and not bothering with shading.

Tx Williep

Excellent. Great feet & hands. Keep going. You are on a roll.

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Jean Of MSU

The pose and figure are very good, very emotional.

Markmaking is a problem throughout--were you experimenting? Plain shading would work better, or else choose one style throughout. The shadow is a throwaway, sketched with a line (which shadows should never be) with no attempt to finish it.

There's no use telling you to blend at this point--first you need to decide exactly what you are trying to do with your contouring, and then choose a style that will allow you to do it.

Trying new things is how we learn. It just looks as if you tried too many new things in this one drawing. Keep going! Practice is the only way to improve.


Haha, yes I know! I should've just left it alone...the only way to explain it is I put some lines and scribbles in the general areas where I thought shading should go were I to do actual shading... like a placeholder. Seemed to make sense at 3am but really should just leave it out completely for now since it's not my focus right now.it just looked weird without any so I tossed on some scribbles.

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