Self Portrait

by JGallag9, October 1st 2020 © 2020 JGallag9
Tx Williep

You did very, very well. The head as far as the separation of the various parts looks very correct. The picture of the boy is very good also. Are you interested in doing portraits? I think that is one direction you could successfully go. It would be overall helpful if you studied human anatomy - both muscles & bone structure. Locally there is a portrait session that I attended. I generally drew the whole figure. To do so requires a knowledge of muscles and bone structure (the model was clothed). What I a saying is to expand your abilities and knowledge. You will be surprised at what you can do.


You have a good observing eye and a fine brushstroke

Are you at a crossroad? The background really disturbs your expression, the harsh contrast of the yellow and brown creates a line that pierces your eye.

Your eye is in the middle of the composition,It might be better to move it according to the rule of thirds.

But there is also a lot of good ;-) And your skintones are perfect


Jose Pepin

Hi there, I love your colors and shadings. Something to keep in mind is that when the head is in profile view the ear is almost at the very center, so you need to make your skull grow bigger to the back so you achive a better proportion/anatomy. Your shapes are awesome by the way.


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