Proportions 2

by msymms, October 8th 2020 © 2020 msymms
Tx Williep

You are in Texas. Great place to be. Good starts on drawing figures. You can extend the ones you already have to more complete figures. You also need to make a study of human anatomy - both muscles and bone structure. You need to know what is underneath what you are drawing. This is especially true if you are drawing a clothed figure. The internet has much information on these subjects (free). Check out Pinterest, On Air Video. Line of Action has a section with photos of figures (nude or clothed or both). Remember: Practice makes better. Get drawing.


I love the fluid shapes you add into your piece! Personally, I'd practice the forms of those core shapes a bit more! It wouldn't hurt to have them on lock!


I like how you're approaching the body as 3d forms - you might want to try using some contour lines around cylinders to cement that idea (be wary - if used sloppily it might cause more harm than good so be deliberate!) Also to build upon structure you need gesture! Use long strokes to capture those gesture lines rather than small ones because those tend to unnecessarily separate the figure's flow.

June K

Practicing basic geometry is very good. You're doing well. I think you should practice the lower body more.


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