by Aheading, October 9th 2020 © 2020 Aheading

Conte crayon and charcoal attempting some basic shading in this 25 min pose.

Soft Circles

Great work! The proportions feel right and I think you captured the drama of the pose.

Some things to consider:

* Line weight: The line weights of the arms is pretty heavy and uniform. Varying the line weights where muscle groups meet and diverge will give the figure more life and dynamism.

* Hands: The hands seem incomplete. I think you got the general curvature of the fingers correct, you just need to define the forms a little more. Remember that each finger joint is a curved cylinder essentially, alternating "C" curves.

* Dimples of venus: I like that you defined where the venus of dimples are on the model's body, but they seem to "bulge" out unnaturally from the form. I feel that the shading around the area has too much contrast making that part seem to extrude dramatically from the rest of the back. I would suggest lowering the shading contrast in that area next time.

Hope that's helpful!

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Tx Williep

Nice figure. Hands need a little work and feet look a little small. Good, you are dating your work. You are progressing nicely. Keep going.


Very nicely-drawn figure, good shading. Some small things to consider:

- Perhaps the model was turned slightly to the left, but the back is asymmetrical (her right side is narrower than her left). You could either make the two sides the same width or add more of a twist to the spine to make it clear that the model is turning.

-Others have pointed it out but the hands being nonexistent/sketchy looks very out-of-place and detracts from how nice the rest of the drawing looks.

I hope it's helpful! :)

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