10-27-2020 2 min_2

by BPHarr273, October 27th 2020 © 2020 BPHarr273

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 2 minutes in length.

My current goal is: Reduce stiffness and make my drawings feel more dynamic, energetic, fluid

Tx Williep

You have done some really good figures. I have looked at your other drawings - the same with them. You need to work on hands and feet. Line-of-Action has a section on hands & feet. You need to spend some of your time there. Keep practicing and you will be surprised by how good you will become.

You date your work. Great. In dating your work at a later date, you can go back a compare them to more recent works and see how you have progressed.

Polyvios Animations

that is a very greatest job on your poses, BPHarr273. If I could give something to improve on then it would be to go for 14 minutes of 30-second poses from life and photos, please? You know why?? Because it'll better focus on your goal the most part.

Hope it's been completely, totally, and definitely good.


Thanks, Polyvios. I'm getting to longer poses, gradually. Right now, shorter poses are what I've been starting with, as it's been a while since I've done a lot of figure drawing. The goal for these, as stated in the description, is to make sure I can get a good, habit of getting a nice, fluid, body rhythm going as part of the groundwork for when I get to longer poses and avoid getting my drawings getting too stiff.


Plus, I'm also doing a bunch of daily shorter poses, just as a daily practice.

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