animal practice

by Lightbit, October 28th 2020 © 2020 Lightbit

1 hour class in animals, pretty happy with it. out of my comfort zone, it was refreshing to do something other than humans.

i got bored during the last one -- 25 minutes i think it was -- so that's why there's a duplicate and it's full-value, unlike the others.

My current goal is: Reduce stiffness and make my drawings feel more dynamic, energetic, fluid


Great job!

You can put more focus on the volume of the different parts. Animal legs have weight just like their center. So you can mark those with lines for skeleton or general impression, but if you understand their weight you will have a better understanding of the weight distribution of the entire body.

If freedom in your sketch is what you seek, try grasping the entire volume of the animal as a silhouette. Animals have more variety in from, so their sillhouette is full of story almost every time.

Hope this helps.

(I am a wildlife painter, animals are a big chunk of my work, and I do them with great passion)


yeah, great advice, i'll be sure to look for that. i have a way better sense of how people carry weight, as opposed to animals, so figuring them out has been a really interesting challenge.

i like your art a lot, by the way. subscribed to your youtube channel.


Tx Williep

There is nothing wrong with taking a break. You can come back to figures refreshed. The bug on the lower left is a very good complete rendition of the bug. You might consider doing the same for various animals. It will give you much more of a break and you can practice the new shapes that the animals will provide. Practice drawing is practice drawing. Remember: Practice makes better.


Nice job capturing gesture, encourage you to make your figures larger and vary your lines to create sense of depth


haha, this canvas was 5k squared! but you're right, i tend to rush through my drawings and not vary line weight a whole lot, i'll try to slow down and be more deliberate. just doesn't come too natural to me.

Polyvios Animations

Very, very, very, very, very, very exceptional work, lightbit, on your animal sketches. Yet, here is one small constructive critique: Would you like to please do the first 10 29 second sketches of animals, from this animal drawing book. The reason why is that it can help your animals have lots and lots of humor, vitality, and energy.

Hope it's been completely and absolutely instrumental.


i'm very late here, but yes, i'll definitely try the exercises in that book! thank you

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