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by Technicssb440, October 28th 2020 © 2020 Technicssb440

Hey, I started practicing figure drawing here on line of action a couple of days ago.

I've been doing some figure drawing exercises in the past already but I didn't get serious about it back then. I tend to get frustrated quickly since I mainly see the mistakes that I make while feeling overwhelmed by all these problems that I'm facing in order to get on paper what I can clearly see on my reference. My expectations on myself are just way too high i guess. So any help for a better mindset is also highly appreciated.


Great practice. To get better, you should focus on measuring your proportions (like, 2 heads fit on half leg, arm long as 1/3 leg(btw its just examples, they arent right). And also you should focus on drawing hands too. Good luck


Hi Technicssb440,

Alex here, I know how you feel in regards to having high expectations and lower or disappointing results. I struggle a fair bit with the issue of mindset and having some more compassion for myself. That's a whole other aspect to training that can't really be neglected, but about the drawing. I can see that your suggesting masses both large and small, or general and specific. such as the major joints (shoulder, elbows, knees and ankles) which is A good way to think about the model. You could take this idea of form or mass further and explore the larger masses and smaller ones though out the figure (ribcage, lower torso, kneck, head even down to the fingers and toes) there are essentially endless variations of ovoid forms all throughout the figure. A good guide or demo for this is some of the bean drawings by Proko as well as some drawing demos by Marc Leone (drawing database on youtube) to learn more about these ovoid ideas. the other aspect would be further integration of the external contour into the internal masses of ovoid forms. something which can be expressed through a more dynamic line weight. I think Glen Vilppu is an ideal example of this.
but overall the image reads clearly, it looks like your employing a range of very useful concepts, it just requires time and practice to be able to juggle them all simultaneously with a little more ease. keep it up and enjoy the process. :)

Polyvios Animations

Excellent start on your post, technicssb440. That is very, very, very great. If I was to suggest on your improvement for the most part, then it would be to go for this class! The reason why is as a result, then it would be to find your first goal.

Hope it's been completely and totally neighborly.

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