Various sketches of horses

by Tkbrown82, November 4th 2020 © 2020 Tkbrown82

Multiple sketches


It seems to me that it will be important for you at this stage to analyze the shape of the object that you are drawing (in this case, the horse's head). Take the time to analyze the forms: what forms the horse's head consists of, in what proportions they are, what is more and what is less, and so on. from there on, your workouts will be more productive. You are great for training! keep up the good work and don't stop)

Polyvios Animations

Exceptional start Tkbrown82, but I've got one small suggestion of improvement:

I see some of the stiffness melting away. Why don't you please do 5 minutes of 28 second horse sketches, pretty please, with your shoulder?

The reason why is because, you could get lots and plenty of lines of rhythm in those equine animals.

Hope it's been definitely and totally helpful.

Tx Williep

More horses, great. Keep up the practice. I have an animal book that has the anatomy of animals, but I have no idea where it is located. Recommend you do a search to find what books of this type are available. Knowing the anatomy of whatever animal you want to draw, will put you very far ahead in your drawings. You might also search the internet for other animal art.

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