by Diddy Doo Art, November 8th 2020 © 2020 Diddy Doo Art

This was roughly a two hour study, I was trying to study the anatomy while also directly utilizing the process I usually do my commission work in to help polish off the technique. I'm moderately happy with it, but learned a lot about how I can improve on shading in the future

Tx Williep

I can not say anything negative about your drawing. Excellent work. Keep up the flow of works. You might want to expand your choice of subjects and poses. Remember: practice makes better, even if you think you have arrived. Let's have more.

Polyvios Animations

Love the idealization and realism crossover in this rendering digital, DiddyDooArt. That is very, very, very, very, very greater.

Yet, I've got something to help you improve your study:Some of the shading, especially on the biceps, is a tiny bit floaty, why don't you please follow up this link?

The reason why you could follow that link is because, it'll help you understand the most simplest use of the basics, in shading.

Hope it's been completely and totally propitious.

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