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by Zet2908, November 9th 2020 © 2020 Zet2908

Tried my best to catch the proportions right, but have many problems with connecting fingers and toes. Would be really glad to get any useful advice.

Tx Williep

Good practice. Be sure you date your works. In drawing hands, you are aided by the fact they are basically the same. Look at your hand. Each finger has 3 parts that bend and are arranged in an arc. I would start out with a stick figure (armature) for the fingers that are arranged as needed. Once you have the armature arranged to your satisfaction, you can flesh them out (don't forget the fingernails). Do not forget, the fingers bones extend up into the hand.

The same procedure can be applied to feet. Starting at the big toe, the other toes are arranged in an arc. Like fingers, toes have multiple parts.

You might want to investigate the following book: "Morpho: Anatomy for Artists" by Michel Lauricella (He has a whole series of books that you might want to check out.

Also, On Air Video is an additional source of models (free).


1. go with volumes, boxes, cilinders;

2. get the primary shapes first;

3. watch steve huston hand drawing course;

4. learn hand anatomy;

5. draw 100 hands;

Polyvios Animations

Well done, Zet2908, on your hands and feet. The hands are very great, but that foot could use a little bit of work. Why don't you really jump it up on your drawing practice, please? If that is your goal, then go for it.

The reason why it would and could be your goal is because, your hand and foot proportions will become less stiffer, and more fluider, and livelier. For more details: Look this up on Book and Kindle. This should be of use to us.

Hope it's been completely, totally, and absolutely favoring and gainful.


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