11/9/20 - 10 & 20 minute full-body

by Lucaiver, November 10th 2020 © 2020 Lucaiver

Top was hard, bottom was fun. Started practicing the basics again recently tho I've been doing art for 15 years on-and-off. I want to get better at drawing from memory.

Tx Williep

Very, very nice drawings. The female drawing also falls into this category. If you want to improve your ability to draw from memory, the answer is practice. Practice makes better. Practice also imprints on your memory of the figures you have drawn. Is there a life drawing session in your town? If so, join it. Locally I have been attending one for over 6 yrs and I calculate I have done over 6 thousand drawings. The quality of the work has greatly improved. You will notice the same improvement in your work. Keep up the good work.

Polyvios Animations

Exceptional results so far, so greater, Lucaiver!! But if I could recommend, then it would be to do 29 more minutes of 29 second poses, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty pretty please??????

The reason why I'd recommended this recommendation is because, your energy, liveliness, and dynamics will become the most too exaggerated and appealing, like the animation of Disney Guy, Glen Keane.

Hope it'e been positively and totally toward vitality.

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