2nd session - 5 min sketches

by Leysa, November 16th 2020 © 2020 Leysa

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

Polyvios Animations

Exceptional job on your poses, Leysa, that's very great.

I really love how you get the proportions almost all the time, but for the arm at the bottom, it looks a bit too skinny. Why don't you please get brushing up on your arm proportions?

The reason why is because, your arm proportions and angles will become even more so believable.

Nice shapes and spaces you drew, but why don't you please do 10 minutes of 30 second warm-ups?? Why???? Because, your lines will most boldest and the least choppiest.

Hope they've been completely and totally helpful and beneficial.

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