Blue Rose

by 东肥西瘦DEAR WARRIOR, November 20th 2020 © 2020 东肥西瘦DEAR WARRIOR


Polyvios Animations

Beautiful character design, Dear Warrior, that's a very well-drawn/designed character!! If I could critique you on something, then it would be to make your idea even more stronger, with 28 minutes of 30 second poses, in martial arts poses, if you can find them on the Web. Why don't you please try and work it out? The reason why is as a result, then your character idea will become, like I said, even more stronger.

Hope it's been completely and totally functional in your education.

漂亮的角色设计,亲爱的战士,这是一个很好绘制/设计的角色! 如果我可以批评您一些事情,那么,如果您可以在网络上找到它们,可以用28分钟的30秒姿势(武术姿势)使您的想法变得更加牢固。 为什么不请尝试解决呢? 因此,您的性格观念会变得更加坚强,就像我说的那样。




Tx Williep

Looks like an ink drawing. Excellent work, you done good. Keep up the good work.

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