Demonstration day 31, 10 minute session, (30-11-20).

by Eduardo Ryhz, December 1st 2020 © 2020 Eduardo Ryhz

Finally here is my progress. As you can see, little or nothing may change compared to the first exercise, but I feel that this time I am giving it a more coherent structure (although it should be noted that I have to study more anatomy and apply the structure with more three-dimensional bases), so while already I am used to daily sessions, so I will increase the sessions for the next month.

If you can give me your point of view and recommend tips to improve, I would greatly appreciate them (I may not take them into consideration at first glance, but your opinions help me to improve little by little).

I will be showing you my progress in the following days, meanwhile have a very good night and we are seeing each other, greetings.

Polyvios Animations

Nice work on your more recent pose you've sketched out, EduardoRyhz, excellent job, indeed.

However, if I could plug in my stamp on this critique constructively, it would be to loosen up and free up your forms and broadest strokes, with 36 more minutes of 60 second attitudes, please?

Why?? Because, it can, shall, and in the future, will have made your gestural poses more solider, fluider, and livelier, still.

Hope they become an extreme asset to you and your most current goals.


Normally legs tend to be a bit longer, and unless your going for a cartoony look, the head would be a tad smaller. Other than that, I think you did a great job understanding the overall construction of the human form! You clearly thought a lot about your lines, but that can also be a problem, because I think you are overthinking things. It looks like you are too worried about messing up with the lines. I would loosen up and remember this is just a sketch.


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