Architecture Practice

by Jel, December 12th 2020 © 2020 Jel
Polyvios Animations

Wow! That's nice work, JeLiWa. Say, are you really practicing your archetecture? Or are you studying for background art??

However, I've got one miraculously tiny, little suggestion: I love the motion your Great Wall is making, but, why don't you please do 48 more minutes of 30-second animation background art???

Why???? Because, it'll help you completely and totally loosen up on any complexity in distorting perspective, just like Kim Jung Gi.

Hope it's been completely and totally helpful and practical.


Thank you! Yes, I'm practicing a bit of both architecture and backgrounds since I haven't done many of those and I've been wanting to get better! I'll try your suggestion, thanks!


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Study persoective and solid drawing


Great work! I like the atmosphere. Maybe focus a bit more on shadow next time, just to make everything look a bit more rendered and realistic. Other than that, good job

Tx Williep

Great Wall of China? I recognized it at first glance. Your background is just fine. Your painting is excellent. What else can you do?