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by Duaniac, December 16th 2020 © 2020 Duaniac

Very recently started to "seriously" learn to draw by traditional and digitial youtube videos. This was the result of the tutorial on this website.

Simone Artworks

Hi Duaniac,

This is my first critique on this site so I hope it is helpful.

Your gesture lines are good and fluid, I can see you've thought about the angle of the shoulders and the gesture of the limbs and because of this I can clearly interpret the pose. You've also captured the angle and depth of the pelvis tilt well which brings your drawing into 3 dimensions - - well done!

3 tips for your next piece would be:

1. Start to indicate where the joints are on the body - elbows, knees, shoulders, ankles - how far down the arm do they appear etc. This will help you start to correctly draw the proportions of the limbs.

2. Try to think about your proportions in relation to the head.

You can measure most landmarks of the body using the measurement of the head. For beginners the "8 heads" method is a good quick comparison. You can google this, but in short, the body can be roughly divided into 8 sections all the same length as the head. Elbows and navel for example will sit half way down at the "4th head" (this is also discussed in Loomis Figure drawing).

3. Next - rendering, try and have a go at shading. Look at where the darkest shadows are on the subject you drew, and which side was in light and shade accordingly. Start to think about how light interacts with your subject.

Hope that helps!


instagram: @simone_artworks

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Polyvios Animations

That's a seriously nicer job on showcasing your potential on gestural figure sketching, Duaniac, that's very perfect.

But I've got one little request: I love how looser and expressive your pose is in your line economy, but why don't you please relax yourself with this video down here?

All with screen captures of images from this video above, with 51 minutes of 30 second gesture sketch poses????

Why????????? Because, if your goal is to make your drawings more fluid and less stiff, then go for it.

Hope you found them definitely positive and productive.



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