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by Young R0se, December 27th 2020 © 2020 Young R0se

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 10 minutes in length.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses.

I started this sketch with a light outline of the major shapes, used negative space to get some of the angles. Pencils are 2B and 3B. Some of the shadows are not complete, I'm not practised in drawing fabric, so that is a bit odd. Overall I think this is a workable sketch but would appreciate your thoughts.

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I love your sketch so much, YoungRose, that's just great!! I love how organic and lively your sketch is, in terms of your anatomical awareness.

If I was to give you advice on how to further your recent goal, then it would be to please just do your very first 30-minute class mode, then do another 10 minute sketch?

The reason is because, it can and will support and help you out on your anatomical gestures, construction and line of action.

I hope you can and shall find it completely and totally beneficial to your studies.

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Hi, youngrose, Anatomy can be a bit tricky and figures are a great way to hone your skills with it, but to actually understand what's going on with the body it's good to learn abotu the muscles and structure alongside the figures. In order to accurately show lightign and form particularly from imagination, you'll ned to know whats happening below the surface. Here are a couple resources you can use to learn,

&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHFBeVaruf2JjyQmZJH4__Zv , thst one's a pretty expansive fre course and here's a more advanced setr of videos from moderndayjames

&list=PLgKJMTFp_25hT82uaaw6bABVm317KnEGv , There are also some great paid bundles from james and a guy named krenz cushart on their gumroad stores for $10-$30 if you'd be interested in more extensive tutorials.

Anatomy takes a while to udnerstand and much longer to master, but using other resources alongside your own practice can speed it up a lot!

julia tripped

You have a beautiful understanding of the rounded shadows and contours of the abdomen, legs, and shoulders. Your shadows along the backside of the figure are really well-done and I like getting to see your media shine through in your mark-making. Going forward, I would focus on the proportions of your appendages- I think the shin section of the bent leg and the arm in the back are a little short. Try comparing different established shapes in your initial sketch to ensure you have the correct length in all sections of the figure. Otherwise, excellent work!


some part of the figure is not as dynamic as the main pose (hands, legs) can be fixed by exaggerating the pose in the limbs

shadows value are great but doesn't accentuate the body's contour


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