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julia tripped

Individually, the different features on their own show an understanding of the basic shapes of the face, which is an excellent first step to a fully-fledged portrait. I think that going forward, focus on the proportions of the face and the looseness of your lines. As far as proportions go, study the size and placement of the eyes in comparison to the whole face, how large the neck is in comparison to the chin and width of the head, and the size of the forehead. As far as looseness goes, there's a rigid-ness to your chin, eyes, and eyebrows where you could be more light and rounded to get a more natural effect. I think that with more practice and loosening your strokes you'll be able to achieve more natural-looking lines and shapes.

Polyvios Animations

Nice job, nion, but what is your current goal? Why? Because, I'd like to know what you're recently working on.

Hope you'll find it helpful.

The Mils Edition

Hi Nion,

Use a reference. Your eyes are almond-shaped. Real eyes have a much more organic shape to them. The shadow on your nose looks like a gaping hole. If you have a reference, you could see that this part of the nose is always the brightest.


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