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by Nekorea, January 9th 2021 © 2021 Nekorea

I am not new to drawing but I have had an art block and hiatus for 4-5 years. I just wanted to get back into drawing in general, and I am using this site to slowly learn how to do that. However, the first time I am doing timed referenced drawings, so I wanted to know if I am doing things right so far. I would say I strive to make my drawings "come to life," and I want my figures to look less stiff.

^The photos here are from the 1 hour class session. I took more breaks than I was supposed to have. I felt like i got stuck on the 10+ minute photos. I'm not really prioritizing hands, feet, and face.


I think you have captured the expression of the model nicely. The tilt of the head, the line of the neck and shoulds and the hand placement onthe hip are great. I think that for myself, focusing on quick poses are a great way to warm up and to meet goals, and focusing on the flow and the lines and keeping the work loose and quick translates well into the longer sessions. Check the proportions of the legs/feet from the knees down...they seem to not quite be sharing the same ground. A quick sketch of how the the light source is throwing the respective shadow will assist.


Honestly your figure drawings are so good, I don't even know what to critizise. Maybe you could add some shadow on the ground to give the work more three-dimensionality and use an additional pencil weight for darker shadows.

Polyvios Animations

Hi Nekorea,

According to what I've seen on your Google Drive, I think, and feel that you're one the right track back to excellence-not just perfection. And, I feel that you really know where you're aiming at.

As you can see, your progress is starting stiff, but slowly loosing yourself up with each new sketch, yet if I was to make an improvement or two, then it would be to 1) Work while standing up. 2) Do 72 minutes of 30-second pose warm-ups, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically. Would you please like to go for these two?

And you wann know why??? Because, for two more reasons: 1) It will allow and ecourage to help you further your goal. And 2) it can, shall, and will help your sketches to become more than lively and animated like never before. Here for more details, look for 2 volumes of the Walt Stantchfield Series, Drawn to Life. (links down there) Cheers, and I hope you'll find these completely and totally friendly and encouraging.

Here are these links here: Volume 1 Volume 2

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