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by Munkedragon, January 12th 2021 © 2021 Munkedragon

I like the planes you made on her face to differentiate where her eyes should go. The main thing I see that may need adjusting is her outstretched foot, which seems a bit big. Overall, pretty nice. I would try to tighten up proportions but that just comes with practice.


I think you are on a very nice way and just more practice will get you very far.

It is probably hard but maybe you can try erasing less, that way you also have more time for shading. Usinging strokes that are less strong in the beginning can help you figure out the total form first, if you have found it you can use stronger lines on top of them and avoid erasing.

Keep drawing~

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Polyvios Animations

Nice job, and hi there, Munkedragon,

And a really nice job on your 10 minute attitude up here.

Again, if I was to sincerely critique this attitude up here, then I'd say that some of the lines are too choppier; why don't you please loosen and free them up, with 80 minutes of 2 minute gestures? With a really cheap 70-page notebook??

And you wanna know why it's helpful?? Because, like I said before, it could help you draw your shapes and silhouettes absolutely organically as possible.

My hat's off to your sketch, and I hope you've found this totally winning, and encouraging.

Ai Neander

Hi Munkedragon,

I can see your underlying gesture, which is good because it's an indication that you were thinking about the overall shape early before getting into detail. It looks like you got a little bogged down with detail on the feet, though, which is understandable because feet are tough. A couple pages of foot practice should help. Her left foot also looks like it got bigger as you focused on the detail. It helps to box out the proportion and rough shape first then add detail as time allows - you won't always have time for detail with a 10 minute sketch and thats OK. I think you did a really good job with the face - it is minimal, but gives you a sense of perspective and features without much detail.


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