by Irrelevant, January 13th 2021 © 2021 Irrelevant

Done as part of a 30 minute class.


I am not a professional or official art student, but I can tell you have a good grasp on perspective, which is something I still struggle with. These are great practice sketches. I especially like the two buildings on the left for their cleanliness, but the top middle is a lot of good detail. Keep up the good work!


thank you! I will practise more!


great work, even though these are quick sketches, I can see the depth and perspective.

One thing I'd say is keep the vanishing point and perspective lines in your mind even for the details, for example in the bottom left one, the detail on the left pillar and such doesn't seem to fit or feels off.

If the perspective makes sense then the scene will be way more cohesive. Even if you dont show as much detail, if the base structure and framework are solid then the scene will work well. With better framework the details will also fall into place.

You can try starting with just drawing the perspective lines, vanishing point and framework out on one layer, reducing the opacity of that layer and then sketching on the next layer.

other than that, great work. I like that I can understand the relative scale of everything from the sketch easily.


Thank you for your advice,it‘s very useful to me!I will pay more attention to perspective in the following exercises,continue to look forward to your comment

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