Figure Drawing Jan 2021 3rd pic

by dilandoubishop, January 16th 2021 © 2021 dilandoubishop

3 out 4 drawings that made the cut I think. I haven't got it as a skill to tell more with less yet. Here in this drawing I used a triangle to encompass the figure. Critiques,comments, advice are always welcome. Stay frosty


I love how you used the shape of a triangle, finding shapes in my references has always been hard for me, it's something I am practicing and I learned a lot from this sketch. Maybe some shading underneath to create depth might help if you plan on rendering the drawing further. I'd say this one definitely made it! :)

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Nice work on that lighter touch, dilandoubishop!

You really nailed that really, really, very, very lighter touch on those lines above. Still, if I could give you some really sincere advice, then it would be go please focus more on the shorthand of your figures, by 86 more minutes of 30-second poses??? (all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, if you have that feature)

And you wanna know why???? Because it can and will make you sketch more loosest, lightest, largest, longest, and liveliest lines in your poses.

My hat's off to you and I hope you can and shall find this decorous, helpful, and informative.


There's plenty of quick sketching tutorials online and on Youtube.


Shorthand? Do you mean the simplified shapes and form of a figure in those quick sketches? I'll see what I can do on some youtube search. I won't be able to post them until next month. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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