10mins drawing

by Dududududududu, January 30th 2021 © 2021 Dududududududu

do I have more details in 10mins drawing? plz give me some adivce,thx!

Polyvios Animations

That's a very spectacular job on your sollid and detailed pose, dududududududu. I think that you've cared enough on the details, and I feel that you're totally on the right track.

Well, it I could provide you some advice, then it would and could be, to please focus more on the gesture and energy on the poses, by doing 98 more minutes of 30 second poses, in 2 days? (98 minutes/2 days=49 minutes)

The reason why???????? It's just because it could uniquely help you out on making your drawing poses the lesser the stiff, and more dynamic, energetic, and fluid. If it's your next goal, I would allow and encourage you to go for it. Cheers from me, and I hope you've found this positively and absolutely simpatico, helpful, and informative.

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