by leofelco816, February 2nd 2021 © 2021 leofelco816
Polyvios Animations

Your sketch, leofelco816, you've done the greatest job yet, I admire how much you've carved out the forces and forms of the anatomy on that model.

Well, if I could suggest you an assessment, then it would be to say: I love how lighter your touch is in your attitude, but why don't you please loosen yourself even most with 106 minutes of 30 second poses- or attitudes, if you will??? The reason why is because, it can and will help you draw the loosest, largest, and lightest. For more info, check out this video please:https://www.

Good luck.


Thank you, Polyvios Animations. The video was very helpful. I will continue to use the 30 min setting to provide me with different times to practice my skill level.

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