Day 004

by Trass84, February 2nd 2021 © 2021 Trass84

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Better understand human anatomy, so I can render imagined poses

Did this on a wacom tablet, poses took me a lot longer to to do and I was slower with everything in general. The previous attempts were done on an iPad.

Polyvios Animations

Spectacular job on your poses drawn digitally, Trass84. If I could provide you a critique or two, so that I could tell you that I love how more loose and free your 30 second attitudes are, but I completely don't see enough of them. Why don't you please loosen yourself up even more with 105 more minutes of 30 second poses, in 2 more days???? The reason why you could draw out this game is because, it can and shall be the most beneficial to you if you could get some smooth, economical lines in your poses, but with a lot of decisiveness. My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found this completely and totally helpful and beneficlal.



Focus on making "braver" lines.

What this means is not making many small lines that connect into a big line.

Instead, pick your pencil (or stylus) a little above the drawing surface. Then, move your hand in the air, in the way that a long line should move. Then, when you are confident, draw the entire line all at once - voom! By doing this you will be able to draw much nicer drawings.

I looked into YouTube just now and found this video that explains it well:

Good luck in your path ahead!


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