Figure Study - 2/17/21

by Lauren K21, February 21st 2021 © 2021 Lauren K21

From left to right: 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 5 minutes; Blackwing 602 Pencil on Paper.

Polyvios Animations

Wow, like a lightbulb!! LaurenK21, those sketches are solidly fantastic!

So, if I would, could, and should provide you a completely and totally honest commentary on your drawings, I would leave you this: I love how organic and fluid your poses, and my advice is to please keep working out your flow. Why don't you please give yourself 60 minutes of 30 second poses, for 4 days? (3600 seconds/30 second pose/4 days, 120 poses/4 days=30 poses a day) The reason why?????? Because, it would, could and should help you support your solidity with the least stiffness, and the most fluidity, life, liveliness, and spontaneity in your gesture drawing animation, even if it's really scribbly.

My hat's off to you, and good luck from me.

Lauren K21

(didn't realize I could respond to feedback XD)

Thanks for the feedback! That's a lot of 30 second poses, sounds like a fun challenge!


Beautiful work, the proportions and understanding of anatomy is spot on!

Feedback; One point, lessen the pressure of the pencil, if it helps get one with less thickness, even a 2H pencil. It's subtle imprints on the paper will help you concentrate more on movements and volumes of the body - then use the heavy nibs for subtle shadowing as you've done on the shawl to give the drawing more volume x

Lauren K21

Thanks for the feedback, I'll give that a try!

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