by SINE, February 26th 2021 © 2021 SINE

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: I don't know! I am an absolute beginner; I'm here to study the basics of rendering

Polyvios Animations

That's a mighty fantastic job on those hands and feet gesture sketches, SINE, that's absolutely great!!!!

Again, if I was to provide you an honest and fair suggestion, it would be to: Lighten up your lines more largest, thru 145 mins of 15 second attitude sketches. Why don't you please do that suggestion???? (145 x 60/15, 8700/15=580 drawn scribbles, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, and all grayscaled)

The reason why you could do this is because, as a result, your values (perception of lights and shadows) will become least forced and the most forceful and energetic. But wait there's more: Your lines will become the least heavy-handed, and the most beautiful and sensitive in the gestural strokes.

Hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these completely and totally essential and an asset to you.