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Last 2 poses of 1 hr class

Polyvios Animations

Those solid, orgainc forms of the bodies are particularly breathtaking in any way, aheading. That's an unbelievable job you did.

Well, if I would provide you a very, very sincere bit of guidance is could be this: I love the caricature in some of the poses, but I just don't see to get enough of them, they're a bit to rigid. Why don't you please go with 150 minutes of 29 second practice warm-ups?????????????? (150 x 60/29, 9000/29=310 quick warm-up sketches)

The reason is because, did you know that when you caricature those lines of action, then your acting poses will become even more boiled down to their rawer essence???????????????? Please just trust me, you'll be able to improve your anatomy thru quick and loosest gestures.

Good luck from me to you on your suggestion from me, and I hope you've found it informative, helpful, and encouraging.

For more info, please look up Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet and The Bridgman Book if you haven't already.

Tutmoses I

Very nice smooth, clean lines and flow. Your capture of form and porpostion is great.


Great practice :) There is fluidity in the body and it does not look stiff, great job on that.

I think you could improve the figures more if you study the size relations of each body part to another, and maybe study Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian man (there are plenty of discussions of tht on Youtube).

Hope this helps :))))


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