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by Gift W, March 14th 2021 © 2021 Gift W
Valera Gates (unregistered visitor)


Pour l'homme les deux bras n'ont pas les mêmes proportions malgré la vue de face. Le cou peut paraître un peu trop long mais en l'état il ne va pas trop mal. Tu gagneras en volume en faisant les clavicules dans le sens du corps (en v).

Pour la femme elle est stylisé en l'état, elle est plutôt homogène même si tu as oublié de marquer l'aisselle du bras droit.

Voilà, désolé d'avance pour les fautes d'orthographe

Gift W

THANK YOU, I was in a rush and I'll keep it in mind, your French is great and I'm learning it as well so don't worry. I would love to keep getting criticism from you. Have a great day

Polyvios Animations

Great work on your anatomy and OC, GiftW, that's a very awesome job!

So, if I was to suggest an improvement on your original character, I would provide that you could and would be able to apply what you've learned from loose gesture sketches, into your character drawing. Would you please do that for me, and all the others? (thru 10 minutes of 30 second drawing exercises of Anime/Manga characters, mainstream or otherwise?? 600 seconds/30 secs=20 drawings of cartoons)

The reason why?? It's because it can and shall make your original designs and observation sketches a lot more looser and the most natural they'll ever be. For more info, be sure to look up gesture drawing on Youtube and Pinterest.

My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these completely, totally, and positively useful, helpful, and encouraging.

Gift W

Hello, thanks for the tips, but I don't understand the part about the characters stuff. Do you want me to draw other characters in 30 seconds, or what??

Polyvios Animations

Yup, and the reason why is because it can and will help your character art more exaggerated and appealing in their gestures and forces. Sorry for you not understanding what I've said before. I hope you've found this completely and definitely useful and concrete.

Just trust me, as an exercise, it works every time.

Good evening sketching (or morning)

Polyvios Animations


It is great that you are both studying female and male anatomy, so that you can balance it out.

Focusing in gestures, and the relations of each body part will help you get better in drawing the human body.

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