Untimed Gestures

by Driftless Mike, April 3rd 2021 © 2021 Driftless Mike

This is after a month of practicing 20 to 30 minutes five times a week. I spent about 3 minutes on each.

Polyvios Animations

Well, well, well, Driftless, I just wanna say, way to go on your first-ever post on your gestures.

So, my criticism is that some of the lines of action are not getting enough flexibility and theres a little bit too rigidity in the poses. Would you please loosen yourself up, with 10 minutes of 30 second warm-ups? (600 seconds/30 secs=20 poses for exercise)

The reason why you would be able to do this little critique for your improvement is because, it's not only to draw as fast as you can, but to get the ideas and spontaneity of your thumbnail sketches, which is extremely important for your storyboards.

So, cheers, good luck to you, and I hope you've found these totally nice, helpful, encouraging, and beneficial.


Looking good! I think you've done especially well on the upper bodies.

One thing I will note is you seem to have the tendency to make things very 'bubbly'. What I mean by that is that you seem to overexaggerate the muscles & curves often, especially in the legs. You may want to look at a few legs (or leg drawings) and their structures, especially by the ankle.

Hope this helps!

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