first ever legitimate doodle/sketch open for critique

by nhemesisx, April 6th 2021 © 2021 nhemesisx

hello everyone!! this is my first post on here ! glad that i have finally gain enough confidence to post my sketches/drawings and the thick skin to recieve and embrace constructive criticisms! i appreciate any form of constructive criticisms. i have a drawing tablet (not the one with the screen u draw on though) and have a tendency to abuse the eraser tool but i will refrain from overusing it :D thank you so much for taking ur time here i really appreciate it! !!

Polyvios Animations

Well well, well, nhemesisx, way to go on your very first post on your drawings of the figures. Very good.

Again, I feel that this pose, that I feel a little bit of a problem with the stiffness of it. Why don't you please loosen up your lines and gestures. Why don't you please do 5 minutes of 30 second poses?

The arguement why you could do this little bitty dare is so, that you'd be able to be more smooth with your line quality, and to make your drawings less stiffer, and the most fluid and lively, as lines of action go.

So my hat's off to you, and good luck with your first ever goal.


Here's an image:

Sk48 (unregistered visitor)

Hi nhemesisx, you did a very nice job on your first sketch! My art teacher constantly reminds us that with sketches, you want it loose, no details. Just get the "gesture" of the figure. You definitely added some important points: neck, torso, hips are a few of the important ones. Fingers are not important for sketches. Keep practicing!!!!

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