by Chaoszelo, April 23rd 2021 © 2021 Chaoszelo

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 5 minutes in length.

My current goal is: Improve my rendering of hands

Polyvios Animations

WOW, these are very marvelous hand and foot drawings, chaos. I love how much they show the look and feel of a Schiele drawing of hands and feet. Great job.

However, I'd like to make one little proposal for a critical study: I love how much line control and appeal, but I'm not getting enough strength and ambition in every and any one of 'em. Would you please loosen up your lines and spaces of your hands (and feet) with 28 minutes of 2 minute quick poses? (14 quick sketches of hands and feet)

The case is because, you'd be able to improve your rendering of your hands, as described in your goal, by cutting out the stiffness of the hands, and to make them more cartoony, expressive, loose, and spontaneous in their organic drawings.

I just need to say, good for you, and you goal.

Wincked (unregistered visitor)

Your work is really good as it is, i think being overcritical of it at this point will just be unnecessary.

My only advice/feedback in order for you to achieve your goal of improving your hand rendering would be to do more hands and feet trying to go for realism and fidelity of the model, without worrying about the time.

I'm envious of how good those look amazing, good job.

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Hands look great.

On the bottom middle one with fingers angled down, the ring finger's bend doesn't quite read correctly, same with the curled toe.

Love the finger pointing directly at us.


Your sense of how the basic shapes fit together is strong, and your ability to foreshorten and create volume are well demonstrated. Next steps will be to create more gestalt so the figures feel less blocky and more flowing from shape to shape. Also, I would pay more attention to where you're darkening lines to indicate shadow and/or overlap. currently the darkened lines feel inconsistantly applied.


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