30 Minute Animal Class

by GhostlyArtz, May 5th 2021 © 2021 GhostlyArtz

It's been a long while since I've tried to draw animals. And quite a few of these are animals I've never drawn before. Any suggestions on a better way to do the thirty/sixty second ones are more than welcome because I am a tad lost

Polyvios Animations

Great job on your 30 minute class animals.

I'm really enjoying your 30 second critters so much. I'm really wanting to see more vitality and energy in the lines of rhythm and action. Would you please work more roughly and freely with 32 minutes of 30 second quick animals? (1920/30=64 mammals and such)

The reason is because, your gestures will become even more caricatured and animated.

Cheers, and good luck with your current goal.


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