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by Timosha68, May 6th 2021 © 2021 Timosha68
Polyvios Animations

Nice job on the odd angle of the figure drawing. Bravo! Very good!

Moving forward, I feel that I'm not getting enough distortion of this kind of figure sketching. Would you please loosen and free up your lines and spaces with 40x30 second scribbles of figure pictures? (40 x 30=1200 seconds/60=20 minutes)

The reason is because, your figure perspectives will become more bolder and more confident with your distortions without being a little bit too wonky.

More information, please check out this link: So that you'd know exactly what I'm speaking of.

Good luck and goodbye.


I love the movement in the torso you created with the charcoal. It seems you dominate pretty well the figure I would invest practice in faces and expressions


Thanks! Actually, I spent most of the last year only drawing portraits from the shoulders up. It's kind of ironic that the head is completely wrong on this one! I think I got the head proportion much better today.

Delroy E

Nice work. Not a fan of charcoal (cause I'm not that great with using it) however your use of the tool is amazing. Really love the shape of the body and the perspective you capture. Great job.

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