Line of action (30 s long)

by Ailinon, May 7th 2021 © 2021 Ailinon

Working with a much wider line width on a digital drawing brush, feels much more comfortable. Do I need to make it even wider?

Polyvios Animations

Wow. That's Amazing!

I totally adore your quick poses in 30 sec mode. Just for future reference, I just need to see you work out the gestures, by plussing them even more with 120 more minutes of 30 second ruff poses? (all flipped horizontally and/or vertically) (7200/30=240 crude scribbles)

As a result, you would be able to get a lot of bad scribbles without pressure, and at the same time, still be able to have fun with that process of drawing out very quickly in the fewest lines of 3 or less.

So, I'll say, cheers and good luck to you.


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