10 Minute Daily Sketch

by Mx. Abi, May 19th 2021 © 2021 Mx. Abi

Very cool.

My thought is that the crosshatching may be overtaking the piece. I would try maybe filling in the background with black. It'll help the figure stand out from the background.

I would maybe look at some of your favorite pen&ink artists and see how they differentiate the cross hatching techniques. My favorite is Charles Dana Gibson. https://www.illustrationhistory.org/illustrations/tea-room

Some of his cross hathing lines are very wide apart, some are so close it looks black, some are just lines only (they don't cross), some are thin lines, some are wide lines, etc.

Keep up the great work!

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I really love the shapes you give the specific body parts and it really shows you know the body well. One thing to consider I think the directional flow of your crosshatching to really accentuate the structure and/or musculature of the body parts. You have a really fun style THANK YU

Polyvios Animations

Hey, hey, hey, Hornet of Justice! Welcome back to posting your drawings again!!

Say, I must tell you that your pose is defintely on the right track. I think your goal is to make your poses less stiff, and to make them more dynamic, energetic, and fluid. I feel that you're working on your signature drawing style of the figure studies.

My critique is that some of the organic shapes, spaces, and forms are a bit too pointy and wonky for my tastes, and I'm not getting enough of the dynamism, snap and bombast in your gestures. Would you please work more loosely, lightly, longer, larger, and freeer with.....I know that's a little corny and dorky, but.....153 minutes of 29 second quick figure studies to warm up and exercise up? (all flipped horizontally and/or vertically) (or not) (153 x 60/29/6 days, 9180/29/6, 317/6=53 sketches of the figures a day)

The reason why you would be able to take this critique is because, though I love how much force you've got going on there, I feel that this will benefit you even greatly, if you let it reduce your stiffness in your "fractured" drawing style, it can make it look even more organic, loosest, expressive, freeest, and have the most natural talent in your signature drawing style.

For more info, look up Ben Caldwell's Action! Cartooning and for your fundamentals, Andrew's Successful Drawing

So, good luck, cheers to you, and I hope you'll find these completely and helpfully concrete.


I really like the contrast of stron angular lines against the negative space and hatching. i think the pose comes across clearly - i really get the feeling of her head sinking in and the energy. I would practice anatomy with hands and toes and then do it again to develop even more :)


Your understanding of form is fantastic, the pose is dynamic, and the linework is gorgeous. My only suggestion is to differ your line weights more to signal shadows. The lighter the area, the thinner the line. The opposite is true for the shadow. The lines and hatching do a great job of this anyways, I just believe that the heavier and lighter lines will bring out the good work you've done.

Fantastic art!


Creo que es precioso. Imprimes muchísima personalidad. Con la práctica, creo, conseguirás grandes resultados. Animo y a seguir ese camino.


Mx. Abi

Creo que es precioso. Imprimes muchísima personalidad. Con la práctica, creo, conseguirás grandes resultados. Animo y a seguir ese camino.


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